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How to judge whether the quality of PCB circuit board is good



In the electronics industry, the application range of PCB circuit boards is very wide. A good PCB circuit board can not only improve the stability of electronic products, but also optimize the overall product.

One is the circuit design aspect. A high-quality PCB circuit board must have a reasonable circuit design. Whether it is a double-sided board or a multi-layer board, its accurate line control and reasonable line trend can avoid slow response due to redundant lines.

The second aspect is appearance. A good quality PCB circuit board not only has a neat and smooth surface, but the substrate basically does not appear to be bent, loose or even uneven, and there will be no cracks or scars, and ink shedding.

Third, it is the heat resistance of the product. This point must be personally operated and observed, and the PCB circuit board is assembled in its own product. If it can withstand the instantaneous high temperature generated during soldering, it indicates that it has good heat resistance and good quality.

Fourth, it is the expansion coefficient. PCB circuit boards can expand or contract violently in hot and cold environments. If the coefficient of expansion is small and is not greatly affected by the cold and hot environments, it means that its quality is good and will not affect the components on the substrate to be damaged.

The above is the method to judge the quality of PCB circuit boards. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of circuit boards. For more information on PCB circuit boards, pay attention to Jingchuangda circuit board manufacturer.

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